Klipsch R-15M Review

Klipsch R-15M review

Klipsch enjoys a great reputation for manufacturing some of the finest speakers in the market today and you don’t have to be a serious audiophile to know that. Its attention to detail in engineering and design leads to speakers that are sophisticated in sound and elegant in aesthetics. Recently, I stumbled upon the Klipsch R-15M … Read more

Klipsch R-10B Review

klipsch r 10b review

Do you want to create that cinematic experience in the comfort of your home? Whether it be to watch your favorite action movies, the latest pay-per-view sports, or you simply want to chill and listen to music after a day’s work, using a sound bar will surely transform the sound of your TV! And if … Read more

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Review

bose virtually invisible 191 speakers review

Last year, Bose Corporation generated an annual sales of US$3.6 billion, according to research and database company Statista. And although there was a drop in sales compared to 2019 ($4 billion), the company’s sales are still rocketing. Among their extensive product line that’s contributing to the company’s revenue is their speakers, particularly the Bose Virtually … Read more

Best Headphones Under $150


Nowadays, headphones are not only being used by casual music listeners, movie lovers, and gamers but are also essential for students that are taking online classes and employees that are working from home.  If you are one of those mentioned above, you might probably be needing a good set of headphones whether for important meetings, … Read more

Best Home Theater Power Managers


If you have to deal with dirty electricity (inconsistent frequency and voltage), power outages, and lightning surges for your home theater system, chances are you will need a power manager. But for starters, what is it really? A home theater power manager or home theater power conditioner is a device that regulates AC power distribution, … Read more

Bose 201 Speakers Review


Bose has been offering a wide variety of great quality speakers for a long time, that is why they have been one of the “go-to” brands among many professionals and audio enthusiasts alike. Just like any popular brand out there, they enjoy the advantage of being at the top of the mind of many consumers. … Read more

Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers


Every music lover is familiar with the brand Klipsch. Thanks to the company’s long history of making high-quality loudspeakers. Back in the days, Klipsch speakers were even one of the standards in loud concerts. Even today, Klipsch speakers produce good overall sounds and can be driven to higher volumes (meaning fuller sound), with less or … Read more

Bose SoundLink Micro Review


It seems that technology has penetrated almost every aspect of life, including outdoor adventures. One such technology is a micro speaker with the ability to be mounted on a bike or is portable enough to be strapped in a backpack during a hike. So, whether you’re biking, hiking, hanging out with friends, or cooking dinner, … Read more