5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars (2021)

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Want to enjoy quality music experience with a floor-standing speaker? The buying guide and the list of 5 best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars will help you.

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars

Do you enjoy listening to songs at high volume? Yes? You need a floor-standing speaker.

Floor standing or tower speakers play an essential role in home audio systems. The reason why people consider buying them is due to their capacity of delivering high frequencies.

As the name suggests, floor standing speakers are large enough to stand on the floor. You can’t keep them on the bookshelf or table. If you are finding a speaker to place on the desk or bookshelf, then you need bookshelf speakers.

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With so many options available for floor standing speakers, it can be quite confusing to decide which one to buy.

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500

Here, I have mentioned five best floor standing speakers under 500 bucks, so that you can find the right speaker.

5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500Price on Amazon
1. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

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2. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

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3. Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Speaker

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4. Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing LoudSpeaker

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5. Dayton Audio T652-AIR 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

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#1 Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

The best tower speaker is Sony’s SSCS3. This is a three-way floor-standing speaker with 4-speaker bass-reflex system. Four speaker drivers ensure a loud audio experience.

This tower speaker has item dimensions of 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches and the speaker weighs 10 pounds.

You can enhance your digital audio collection with SSCS3’s high-resolution audio. It captures music at a higher rate than CD and increases audio samples per second and the bitrate accuracy of each sample.

The MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) cone is something that will deliver consistent, quality sound. You will find floor standing speakers with paper cones as well. The problem with speakers using paper cones is they deteriorate over time, due to which, sound quality gets affected.

If the bass is so important for you in speakers, then you will love Sony SSC3’s 5.12 in woofer. It produces deeper, powerful, and stable bass. Apart from this, the speaker’s tapered faceplate eliminates unnecessary noise and provides clear sound.


  • Mica Reinforced Cellular cone
  • Three-way floor-standing speaker
  • 5.12 in woofer
  • Super tweeters
  • High-Resolution Audio
  • Delivery high-quality sound
  • Deep and natural bass
  • Super tweeters
  • MRC cone for better audio quality


    #2 Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

    Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

    The Dynamic Balance Technology of Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker analyzes the speaker’s electro-acoustic and mechanical system. This technology helps to avoid issues that affect the speaker’s performance.

    The item dimensions of this floor-standing speaker are 15.6 x 7.7 x 42 inches. And, the weight is 47 pounds. Due to its slim design, it will fit easily anywhere in the room.

    The black oak vinyl finish gives this floor-standing speaker an appealing and classy look. There is a bold stabilizer on the tower speaker’s feet. It keeps the speaker steady on carpets and hardwoods.

    There is a 1-inch dynamic balance dome tweeter for detailed highs. Its four 6.5-inch dynamic woofers will deliver loud sound and strong bass. The tuned port opening of the speaker will provide an increased and extended bass response.

    The tower speaker has wide compatibility. It will work with most modestly-powered amplifiers or receivers. The dual 5-way binding posts of the speaker will ensure a secure connection.


    • Black oak vinyl finish
    • 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter
    • 6.5-inch Dynamic woofers
    • Slim design
    • Magnetically shielded
    • Immersive and clear sound
    • Slim and efficient design
    • Deep and powerful bass
    • Quite heavy


    #3 Polk Audio T50 Home Theater Floor Standing Speaker

    Polk Audio T50 Home Theater Floor Standing Speaker

    Polk Audio T50 is the best inexpensive floor-standing speaker. It features a 1-inch tweeter, a 6.5-inch driver, and two 6.5-inch bass radiators. The tweeter, 6.5″ driver, and 6.5″ bass radiators, all built with Dynamic Balance Technology. Its two bass radiators deliver well-balanced and natural sound.

    The dimensions of this tower speaker are 8.75 x 9.25 x 36.5 inches and it weighs 20.4 pounds.

    The tower speaker comes with a black oak finish with an acoustically insert, furniture-grade MDF cabinet construction. Its design and look will blend into all home environments.

    Setting up this tower speaker won’t be a hassle. It is easy to set up and it connects with most home theater receivers, stereos, and home theater processors.

    Using T50 Home Theater Floor Standing Speaker, you can enhance your movie, music, and gaming experience. If you want to enjoy the immersive sound, you can create a 5.1 home theater system. You will need two of these T50 speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 bookshelf speakers, and one subwoofer.


    • Black oak finish
    • A 1-inch tweeter
    • A 6.5-inch driver
    • Two 6.5-inch bass radiators
    • 150 watts sound output
    • Easy to set up
    • Immersive surround sound
    • Minimalistic look
    • Lack of punch in low frequencies and larger room


    #4 Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing LoudSpeaker

    Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing LoudSpeaker

    Pioneer is one of the popular names in the audio industry. The company is been into audio design and engineering firsts for more than 70 years.

    Pioneer SP-FS52 is an Andrew Jones-designed floor-standing loudspeaker. Andrew Jones is a Chief Speaker Engineer of Pioneer. This highly acclaimed loudspeaker will help you get the best and immersive sound quality.

    The product dimensions of SP-FS52 are 10.7 x 8.9 x 35.2 inches and the weight of the speaker is 25.8 pounds.

    Pioneer SP-FS52 tall and sleek design speaker looks stylish and classy. Its RF Molded Curved Cabinet helps to get high-performance sound quality by reducing internal standing waves.

    For improving the floor-standing speaker’s bass quality and rigidity, it has a structured surface with oversized magnets.


    • Andrew Jones designed speaker
    • Taller speaker
    • Curved design
    • Structured surface with oversized magnets
    • 260 watts power output
    • Sophisticated speaker crossover
    • Easy installation
    • Clean and immersive sound
    • It lacks low end

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    #5 Dayton Audio T652-AIR 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

    Dayton Audio T652-AIR 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

    Dayton Audio T652-AIR 2-Way Tower Speakers come with AMT tweeter. Its 1-inch AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter ensures smooth and accurate sound reproduction.

    Talking about the design, its elegant black ebony vinyl finish gives a classy look. Due to the slim design, it will not require excess room space. The tower speaker has non-marking rubber feet and spring-loaded terminals.

    The product dimensions are 34 x 19 x 13 inches and it weighs 31.9 pounds.

    The speaker pair consists of dual 6-1/2 inch woofers. With the dual woofers, you can expect a quality bass response and bass punch. The speaker system’s ported bass-reflex design will provide you with a bass foundation of 45 Hz.

    Most brands price their speakers individually. However, Dayton Audio has priced reasonably for two-floor standing speakers.


    • Dual 6-1/2″ woofers
    • AMT tweeter
    • Elegant black ebony vinyl finish
    • Non-marking rubber feet
    • Ported bass-reflex design
    • Slim speaker design
    • Amazing sound clarity and loudness
    • Best price
    • The speakers don’t go very loud without distorting


    Floor Standing Speaker Buying Guide

    Floor-standing speaker buying guide

    Before getting any floor standing or tower speaker, these are important things you need to consider:

    Floorstanding speakers vs Bookshelf speakers

    The main alternative to floor standing speakers is bookshelf speakers. Hence, first of all, you need to decide which type of loudspeaker is right for you.

    If you want speakers to be placed on your desk, table, or bookshelf, then getting bookshelf speakers is recommended. Bookshelf speakers take less space, however, their volume level is low as compared to floor standing speakers.

    On the flip side, floor-standing speakers do take a bit more space, but, they can deliver louder music volume. However, floor-standing speakers can’t be placed on the table or bookshelf. If you are concerned about getting a higher volume, then you should get floor-standing speakers.

    Cabinet construction

    The cabinet construction and configuration will vary from one tower speaker to another. While purchasing a new tower speaker, you need to make sure the cabinet is well-constructed.

    You need to check out the material used in making of that floor-standing speaker, and its design. Wood finishes are the most popular materials used in the making of tower speaker cabinets.

    While buying a floor-standing speaker, you will find speakers with different cabinet configurations and a different number of drivers. It could be a two-way, three-way, or four-way speaker.

    Speaker’s size

    Depending on the space where you want your tower speakers to fit in, you need to select the right size. The speaker’s size selection will also differ based on the loudness you want in the speaker.

    Let say, if you want a louder volume, then you need to choose from large floor-standing speakers. A large speaker will deliver an amazing music experience in your bigger room.

    Wire terminal connection

    The wire terminal connection will differ from one tower speaker to another. There are two types of terminals: building post terminals and spring clips.

    Spring clips are usually found in low-end tower speaker models, while building post terminals is considered a good option. They are more sturdy and they allow for different wire connections.


    Different specifications are also important to consider while getting a new floor-standing, as this can affect the music experience. You need to consider different specifications like frequency response, impedance, sensitivity, etc. of the speaker

    The frequency response is about the frequency range that the speaker is capable of producing. The impedance gives you an idea about how much current will flow through the speaker. Its sensitivity gives an idea about how nicely a speaker is able to convert power into sound.



    To shake the room with loud volume, consider buying floor-standing speakers. Floor-standing speakers deliver immersive sound with powerful bass.

    In this post, I have shared a buying guide and a list of best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars. It will help you find the right loudspeakers for your room.


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