Klipsch Heresy Review

klipsch heresy review

Klipsch speakers are akin to the sound you hear in a live concert – detailed, emotional, and powerful! They have a range of offerings that fit the everyday music listener to an audiophile.  And if you have as much passion for music, performance, recording, and composition and are looking for the best quality floor standing … Read more

Klipsch RF7II Review

klipsch rf7ii review

A good quality pair of floorstanding speakers can deliver room-filling sound and instantly supercharge your home theater or hi-fi system. With larger cabinets compared to bookshelf speakers and subwoofers, floorstanding speakers create greater bass, authority, and scale. That being said, there are plenty of models available for you, and most of them, especially the pricier … Read more

Klipsch vs Definitive Technology Speakers


Are you an audio enthusiast who’s searching for the perfect sound in your home? If yes, then choosing the right speaker that will fit your space requirement, budget, and individual environment is really important. But we understand that it can be a challenge too, considering that there are plenty of options to choose from. There … Read more

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52 | Floor-Standing Speakers

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52

Are you confused between Polk Audio T50 vs Pioneer SP-FS52 floor standing speakers? To help you find the right speaker, here we have compared different aspects of both speakers. If you are planning to buy a new floor-standing speaker, you have so many options available. Before buying, these are the factors you need to consider: … Read more

5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars (2021)

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars

Want to enjoy quality music experience with a floor-standing speaker? The buying guide and the list of 5 best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars will help you. Do you enjoy listening to songs at high volume? Yes? You need a floor-standing speaker. Floor standing or tower speakers play an essential role in home audio … Read more