Klipsch Heresy Review

klipsch heresy review

Klipsch speakers are akin to the sound you hear in a live concert – detailed, emotional, and powerful! They have a range of offerings that fit the everyday music listener to an audiophile.  And if you have as much passion for music, performance, recording, and composition and are looking for the best quality floor standing … Read more

Klipsch KB-15 Review

klipsch kb 15 review

Do you want to improve your audio reproduction at home and add some bang to movies and music? Then, why not invest in a bookshelf speaker? Bookshelf speakers are designed to fill small to mid-sized rooms with great sound. Some models are even more advanced than others in that they produce a powerful sound, loud … Read more

Klipsch RF7II Review

klipsch rf7ii review

A good quality pair of floorstanding speakers can deliver room-filling sound and instantly supercharge your home theater or hi-fi system. With larger cabinets compared to bookshelf speakers and subwoofers, floorstanding speakers create greater bass, authority, and scale. That being said, there are plenty of models available for you, and most of them, especially the pricier … Read more

Klipsch R-15M Review

Klipsch R-15M review

Klipsch enjoys a great reputation for manufacturing some of the finest speakers in the market today and you don’t have to be a serious audiophile to know that. Its attention to detail in engineering and design leads to speakers that are sophisticated in sound and elegant in aesthetics. Recently, I stumbled upon the Klipsch R-15M … Read more

Klipsch R-10B Review

klipsch r 10b review

Do you want to create that cinematic experience in the comfort of your home? Whether it be to watch your favorite action movies, the latest pay-per-view sports, or you simply want to chill and listen to music after a day’s work, using a sound bar will surely transform the sound of your TV! And if … Read more

Best Receiver for Klipsch Speakers


Every music lover is familiar with the brand Klipsch. Thanks to the company’s long history of making high-quality loudspeakers. Back in the days, Klipsch speakers were even one of the standards in loud concerts. Even today, Klipsch speakers produce good overall sounds and can be driven to higher volumes (meaning fuller sound), with less or … Read more

Polk vs Klipsch Speakers

Most audiophiles are truly what the term implies: they love to listen to high-fidelity sound from a home theater or stereo. They have a good memory of certain music and can tell a difference to the fine details the way a sound is played using a different speaker or apparatus. Maybe you are an audiophile … Read more

Klipsch vs Bose


Whether you’re a gamer, a multimedia artist, a social media influencer, or just someone who’s working from home, your workspace will not be complete without a decent computer speaker to provide that elusive sound experience. Klipsch and Bose are two well-known brands that are champs in this domain that can dramatically improve the audio from … Read more

SVS Speakers vs Klipsch


Are you someone who is planning on building your own home theater or music studio? If yes, then choosing different types of speakers can be difficult since there’s a wide variety to choose from. Each ranging from different types, shapes, variations and serves different purposes. Aside from bookshelf speakers, in-wall, floor-standing speakers, and soundbars to … Read more