Polk T15 Review

polk T15 review

The global speaker market was valued at US$38.3 billion in 2019 alone and is expected to continuously grow because of the rising demand for wireless streaming of audio content, according to Verified Market Research. And it goes without saying that the market for speakers has no shortage of options. One celebrated high-performance speaker brand is … Read more

Polk Audio vs Bose Speakers Reviews


Summer is finally coming. Aside from a home theater setup to enjoy high-quality audio and enhance your entertainment experience, let’s make the most of our summer and enjoy the great outdoors.  What’s much better than playing your favorite music while relaxing at the back of your garden. If you love this idea, then an outdoor … Read more

Polk vs Klipsch Speakers

Most audiophiles are truly what the term implies: they love to listen to high-fidelity sound from a home theater or stereo. They have a good memory of certain music and can tell a difference to the fine details the way a sound is played using a different speaker or apparatus. Maybe you are an audiophile … Read more

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52 | Floor-Standing Speakers

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52

Are you confused between Polk Audio T50 vs Pioneer SP-FS52 floor standing speakers? To help you find the right speaker, here we have compared different aspects of both speakers. If you are planning to buy a new floor-standing speaker, you have so many options available. Before buying, these are the factors you need to consider: … Read more