Bose Free Space 51 Review


To throw a fun outdoor party, you need three things: chips and dips (yes, I counted it as one thing), the perfect venue, and an excellent sound system. Choosing the perfect chips and dips would be meant for another article while picking the right venue is as easy as looking behind your house. Now, all … Read more

SVS Speakers vs Klipsch


Are you someone who is planning on building your own home theater or music studio? If yes, then choosing different types of speakers can be difficult since there’s a wide variety to choose from. Each ranging from different types, shapes, variations and serves different purposes. Aside from bookshelf speakers, in-wall, floor-standing speakers, and soundbars to … Read more

Definitive Technology Speakers vs Bose


If you are someone who enjoys experiencing media in the highest resolution or quality possible, then investing in a home theater system is definitely worth it. Home theaters allow you to listen to music, watch film and TV, and play games in better quality compared to using normal systems. If you look at it from … Read more

Bose 161 Speakers Review


Having a dedicated space for music listening or home theater is an ultimate commitment for people who love music and entertainment. But this goal can be complex and expensive. Even if you’re finished lay-outing the listening room, there is still no assurance that the room will sound good. Choosing a high-end sound system is essential … Read more