Klipsch KB-15 Review

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Do you want to improve your audio reproduction at home and add some bang to movies and music? Then, why not invest in a bookshelf speaker?

Bookshelf speakers are designed to fill small to mid-sized rooms with great sound. Some models are even more advanced than others in that they produce a powerful sound, loud enough to fill a larger space despite its small footprint.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Just because they are bookshelf speakers does not mean they can only be placed on a shelf. Some can easily fit in spaces, like a kitchen or your home office, for instance. That’s the great thing about these speakers. They are portable so you can frequently rearrange them anywhere in your home or office.

One model we can recommend after considering all these criteria would be the KB-15 Klipsch icon speaker. They have plenty of design options and are affordable too! 

So, whether you are just recently got into the world of sound systems or an audiophile, keep reading our review of the Klipsch KB-15 Speakers to learn everything you need to know before you buy.

TLDR: Klipsch KB-15 Speakers Review

Klipsch KB-15 Speakers

The Klipsch KB-15 bookshelf speakers are small but mighty! With a promise of delivering big sound while occupying less space (small footprint) in your home, these bookshelf speakers are highly efficient. And true enough, they fill the room with a powerful sound when placed properly.

User Experience

Immediately after unpacking the KB-15 speakers, you get the impression that they are built to last. The weight is decent enough for you to conveniently rearrange these in the room. 

This Klipsch Icon speaker utilizes Tractrix® Horn technology for more output, lifelike sound, reduced distortion, larger soundstage, and improved reliability by using less energy. If you put it in a small listening room, we’re pretty sure that you won’t miss out on the impactful lows and crisp highs.

But after using it for about two years, few users noticed downsides to these Klipsch speakers that are inherent to their cost and size. 

The sound and build quality are definitely solid, which we will be discussing in-depth in a bit, but the veneer at the corner started to peel off gradually. 

Still, we think this is pretty much understandable for the price that these speakers are offered to the public.


Focusing on the design and build, the pair of Klipsch KB-15 Bookshelf Speakers have a striking black ash wood grain vinyl finish, which allows the speakers to sport modern elegance ideal for any home decor. 

Their material is made up of MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard meaning they are thick and dense. You will also notice it bears new logos and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter.

Measuring 7 inches in width and 12.5 inches in height, these Klipsch icon series speakers are small so that it gives you more flexibility in their positioning. 

The appearance of these boasts a beautiful decor appeal just like how the other excellent speakers in the Klipsch Icon series always make a distinct statement worth bearing the brand.

Furthermore, the Klipsch icon speaker utilizes a plastic front plate that is taken up by the woofers and it has a rubber roll surround system. 

It also has a paintable grille, although you can use these speakers without it. We mean, it’s detachable and the speaker still looks good without the grille covers.

What Makes it Stand Out

This 2-way audio speaker system is the smallest speaker system within its price range. And what makes it stand out vs. other good speakers out there is that it has a proprietary Tractrix Horn technology that has been the driving force behind the company’s precise acoustics. 

The horn functions as the speaker’s impedance converter and helps the inefficient transfer of acoustic power to a low impedance atmosphere.

It is designed to observe the four laws that Klipsch believed in – wide dynamic range, flat frequency response, controlled directivity, and high-efficiency sound with low distortion/ reduced distortion. All these are what the speakers offer at a good price!

  • Powerful yet minimalist speaker (small footprint)
  • Mid-range is excellent
  • Produces precise sound/ non-fatiguing sound
  • Design (black ash woodgrain vinyl veneer) boasts modern elegance ideal for any interior
  • It has a paintable grille so it can match any type of decor or interior in the house
  • High output woofer dimensions + aluminum tweeter help deliver big sound as it is intended
  • Fills small to medium rooms with lifelike performances and powerful sound
  • The speakers provide high crisps regardless of the lower or higher frequencies
  • If you want this as the main speaker, its lows may disappoint you
    The woofer is only about 6 inches so don’t expect much bass

Here’s a quick link to where you can buy it! 

Is it worth it to try?

This powerful yet minimalist speaker is worth investing in. It produces a clear sound and serves best both for commercial and residential use. Klipsch likewise promises that this enhanced Icon series will help listeners discover re-engineered drivers with the speaker’s new crossover system.

Overall, this minimalist speaker engulfs listeners while listening to their favorite music and movies!

In-Depth Review of Klipsch KB-15 Bookshelf Speakers


Type Speaker
Speaker System Type left / right channel speakers
Design Features Vinyl veneer
Manufacturer Klipsch


Detachable Grilles: Yes
System Components: 2 x Bookshelf speakers
Amplification Type: passive
Crossover Channel Qty.: 2-way
Nominal Output Power: 85 Watt
Max (RMS) Output Power: 340 Watt
Frequency Response: 62 – 23000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 94 dB
Crossover Frequency: 1800Hz
Connectivity Technology: wired
Connectivity Technology: bookshelf


Driver Type: tweeter driver, woofer driver
Driver Diameter: 1 m, 5.25 m
Driver Diameter (metric): 133 mm, 25 mm
Driver Material: aluminum, injection molded graphite (IMG)
Driver Technology / Design: Tractrix Horn
Driver Qty.: 1


Width: 7 in
Depth: 8.1 in
Height: 12.5 in
Weight: 11.02 lbs

Quality and Durability

When it comes to any speaker review, sound quality is a very important consideration. In our honest review, these speakers deliver a non-fatiguing sound. 

The way the tone is distributed across the audio spectrum is only affected depending on the way you placed the speakers in the listening room. 

It likewise has a wide dynamic range and exhibits flat frequency response (the flatter the response, the purer the sound), giving you hours of listening pleasure. 

Plus, the speakers create less distortion compared to other speaker models. Thanks to their high output woofer dimensions (5.25-inch) and the 1-inch aluminum tweeter that create a bold sound exactly as it is intended.

Additional Features

This highly efficient speaker from Klipsch has an aluminum tweeter (can handle high power levels) with exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS). 

This enables the high-frequency driver to seamlessly move back and forth creating detailed highs and less distortion. 

The speaker also comes with binding posts.


Klipsch Group, Inc. warrants that the original/ verified purchase of this product will be free from defective materials and workmanship for 5 years from the date of actual purchase. 

The warranty period is, however, not extended if they replace or repair the product and is subject to certain limitations. For more information on warranty and policies from Klipsch Group, Inc, please visit this link.

Who is it best for?

The KB-15 speakers are best for audio enthusiasts and people who love heart-thumping sound as these speakers deliver clear and consistent sound that fills the room.

Best Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best entry-level bookshelf speaker that is comparable to KB-15 or within its price range and features, we recommend you to check out the following speakers:

Klipsch RB-51 II 

These speakers also deliver precise sound with 50Hz–24KHz frequency response 8 ohms impedance and 92 sensitivity. It also features a 1″ titanium horn-loaded tweeter, and a 5.25″ Cerametallic™ cone woofer.

Polk Audio RTI A1 

Next in our list is the Polk Audio RTI A1 that also delivers great sound. It has a frequency response that is lower and wider than other speakers in this list of alternatives and also has outstanding features, such as the Power Port Technology. 

This technology allows smooth transition of airflow from the Polk speaker into the listening area for extended and deep bass impact while minimizing port noise, distortion, and turbulence.

Energy CB-10 

Another stunningly powerful speaker that is not that expensive is the Energy CB-10. It features a 1” Aluminum Dome tweeter, 92 dB sensitivity, and 66Hz-20KHz frequency response. 

It threw a reasonably wide soundstage and has a good tonal balance with neutrality. A speaker that showcases distinct statements, the Energy CB-10 performs well even when you’re just using a good quality amplifier or receiver.

Do check out this link if you’re looking for the best receiver for Klipsch speakers.

Comparing Klipsch to Other Speakers

What Do People Say About it?

klipsch speakers


The majority of people who purchased this KB-15 Klipsch icon series speaker on Amazon gave it a 5-star rating. In terms of features, the buyers also gave above-average ratings for value for money, quality of sound, and quality of material used in this Klipsch icon speaker.

One Amazon customer-reviewed, “I think they sound quite good for the price. Not fatiguing at all. I had read that they’re not as bright as some of the other models in this range and that is what I was looking for. The bass is quite good for a speaker of this size. They’re in a 20×20 room and they fill it quite nicely.” By non-fatiguing sound, he is referring to a phenomenon that happens after prolonged exposure to music or sound.

However, there are still those who gave this bookshelf speaker a low rating. One of them said, “Although these look almost identical to the r-15Ms (minus the copper spun woofer) they are not near the same quality. Was VERY disappointed in the performance. They sound muddled and the clarity I am used to with Klipsch speakers.”


Ken Gammons shared on YouTube that KB-15 Klipsch speakers are “very affordable. I’m using them in a theater setup…They have a very rich and full sound.  [They’re also] perfect if you have a desktop system. [The] vocals come out beautiful.  The highs and mids are just perfect in my personal opinion.”

On the other hand, Digital Stereophony compared Klipsch R-15PM to Yamaha HS5 in a sound test. He wrote in the description box of the video, “This stylish duo has a surprisingly similar sound signature and sound quality…Both are bright in the upper ranges and restrained in the low end, but if I had to pick the winner here it would be Klipsch, as it has a slightly fuller sound with a touch more satisfying bass response.”


In one Reddit thread that asked participant’s opinions on Klipsch KB15, one answered, “The KB-15 is a lower line. They aren’t bad. I actually have a pair as surrounds in my basement.”

In another conversation thread, a Reddit user also shared, “I have kb-15s and I quite like them. I live in a relatively small townhome and they were/are perfect for my needs. There are definitely better speakers out there, but I find them to be perfectly acceptable, especially for $50.”

FAQs on Klipsch KB-15

What kind of speaker wire should I use for these speakers?

A standard banana plug will do. It fits well and stays due to the upward tilt of the binding posts. You will need one for each wire. So, four per speaker.

What’s the difference between these Icon series and Reference Series?

In terms of design, there’s no big difference between the two speaker series from Klipsch and both are available in almost the same size. However, they may not have the same watts. Still, Klipsch did not exactly pinpoint these differences.

Do you need an amplifier or receiver for these speakers?

The Klipsch KB-15 are highly efficient speakers and have improved reliability. They have a large soundstage and you don’t exactly need an amplifier or receiver. Of course, you can connect these speakers to a subwoofer. But even if you don’t, the speakers still sound incredible.

Bottom line: Should You Buy These Klipsch Speakers?

With a unique combination of sound clarity, effortless power, large soundstage, and precision all in a beautiful black vinyl veneer, striking finish (plus new logos), we can say that the KB-15 speakers are worth buying and it’s not even that expensive.

Best For Its Price
Klipsch KB-15 Speakers

The KB-15 Klipsch icon series also boasts a modern look and helps you discover re-engineered drivers for clearer and lifelike sound. Its well-defined imaging is pretty decent even if you are in the sweet spot. 

And because its sound fills the entire space, this minimalist speaker engulfs listeners as they play games, watch movies, or listen to music using this speaker. 

Many online buyers of these speakers also claimed that the mid-range of these speakers is the best for its price. Sure enough, there are other high-quality speakers other than KB-15, but they are not within this price range.

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