Klipsch RF7II Review

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A good quality pair of floorstanding speakers can deliver room-filling sound and instantly supercharge your home theater or hi-fi system.

With larger cabinets compared to bookshelf speakers and subwoofers, floorstanding speakers create greater bass, authority, and scale. That being said, there are plenty of models available for you, and most of them, especially the pricier ones, are designed to fill a large room.

One model known for its solid sound quality is the Klipsch RF7II, a redesigned floorstanding speaker from the Reference series. Whether you’re looking for your first pair of floorstanders or considering an upgrade, we’re here to help.

Keep reading our review of the Klipsch RF7II to learn everything you need to know before you buy.

TLDR: Klipsch RF7II Reference Floorstanding Speaker Review

Product Description

User Experience

The Klipsch Reference RF-7II speakers are floorstanding speakers that are complete with Klipsch’s proprietary Tractrix® horn technology. This horn loading tech makes sure that the high-frequency energy of the speakers is aimed directly at the listener and reduces artificial and unwanted reverb for the most lifelike, detailed, and clear sound possible.

If you have not heard of a horn-loaded tweeter or how it functions, you’d be surprised at how effortless and dynamic they are. It appears to us that when Klipsch updated their Reference series speaker, they sure did not mess around. 

When you start playing songs with these speakers, you will notice its huge soundstage. Immediately, the sounds will be closer to you. Based on design and sound quality, these Klipsch professional speakers represent the top of the Reference II line. 

The pair of Klipsch speakers operate in the rarefied air that are reserved for high-end professional speakers too. But does this mean these Klipsch professional speakers are pricey because of their quality? Well, the answer is that you don’t really have to spend a lot of money, particularly for speakers with the “Reference” name. 


The Klipsch Reference RF-7 II speakers come in two colors: Black and Cherry. As you would expect from the Klipsch brand, the furniture-grade wood veneers used for the RF 7 II are furniture grade and look attractive.

The speaker has an elegant finish (medium cherry or black ash) and a unique combination of effortless power, sound clarity, and precision.

In photos, the furniture-grade cherry finishes of RF-7 II speakers may look better, but the black wood veneer finishes look great in person too. With 16.3 x 11.6 x 48.5 inches dimensions, these awesome speakers are not overly large and they should not have much of an issue fitting into your home theater space.

It’s even a surprise to us that a speaker with almost the same size as a fridge can play acoustic music tenderly with the same credibility when you’re listening to hard rock or heavy music.

But because it is a floorstanding speaker, it may be a challenge to transport them from one room to another or use them outdoors. It requires a lot of room as well as the proper distance to the side and rear walls.

Its rounded feet offer less protuberance and this gives the cabinet a more sophisticated and slimmer look with black ash or new copper accents.

What Makes it Stand Out: Enormous Sound Stage

Every actual consumer of the Klipsch Reference RF-7 II speakers will surely have a different opinion on what makes the floorstanding speaker stand out from the rest, but to us, it would be its clear treble and enormous sound stage.

The sound of Klipsch RF 7 II is all-encompassing and immersive even if you’re using the speaker in a large living room.  It also uses the same technology the company used for its flagship Palladium Series. 


  • Dolby Atmos® ready
  • Sophisticated cabinetry (new copper accents)
  • Uses genuine furniture-grade cherry or black wood veneers
  • Features proprietary Tractrix Horn technology
  • Produces detailed high frequencies (Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver)
  • Linear travel suspension that minimizes sound distortion
  • Cerametallic cone woofers, which work to ensure tight bass
  • Channel speakers deliver overhead sound
  • Tweeter performs well, though not as bursting as the bass range
  • Wide dynamic range


  • Size is big, which means it requires a lot of space and proper distance 
  • 2-way design is a shortcoming because the twin 10-inch woofers have to function double-duty by acting as bass driver and mid-range driver
  • Few users find the treble notes “too sensitive”

Is it worth it to try?

Made by hand in Arkansas alongside the C-64 II center channel, this Klipsch Reference RF-7 II floorstanding speaker is worth owning. It is now in its fifth generation so you can ensure that the speaker has enhanced features way better than other high-priced speakers. 

These features include a new crossover system and re-engineered drivers. But the sound quality alone does not make this speaker worth buying. The look of having a “big sound” has also been redefined. Thanks to the speaker’s cabinetry, rounded feet, and refreshed logos.

In-Depth Review of the Klipsch RF7 II Speakers

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Klipsch RF 7 II Product highlights:

Frequency response 30-24,000 Hz (±3dB)

Power handling: up to 250 watts RMS (1000 watts peak)

Sensitivity 101 dB

8-ohm impedance

Tractrix® horn with 1-3/4″ titanium dome tweeter

Dual 10″ Cerametallic™ woofers

Bass-reflex (ported) design

Furniture grade wood veneers (black ash wood)

Dual binding posts for bi-amping or bi-wiring

15-7/8″W (11-5/8″ without feet) x 48-1/2″H x 16-5/16″D

Weight: 87.1 lbs.

What’s in the box:

Klipsch Reference RF-7 II owner’s manual

Floorstanding loudspeaker (in cherry or black wood veneer finishes)

Removable grille

2 Stabilizer feet

4 Carpet spikes

4 Machine screws (installed on the bottom of the speaker)

Owner’s Manual

Sound Quality and Durability

The Klipsch RF 7 II floorstanding speakers are Dolby Atmos® ready, meaning it expands the existing surround sound by adding height channels. With this feature, the sound of Klipsch RF 7 II is interpreted as a three-dimensional or realistic sound.

In terms of sound efficiency, the fifth-generation RF-7 II speakers don’t disappoint (just like the sound quality of Klipsch reference speakers). It has 101dB @ 2.83V/1m sensitivity, which means you can probably drive these Klipsch Heritage series speakers with a clock radio.

Heavy and punchy bass

The makers of these Klipsch speakers promise that the technology can deliver overhead sound to any home theater.

The speakers also have dual binding posts that allow them to be bi-amped although all the horns on this model don’t really need amplification. This bi-amping technique uses one amplifier for middle and high frequencies and another amplifier for the low frequencies. 

To properly bi-amp a speaker system, we recommend not just pair the horn tweeter to any amplifier but one that is resolute and controlled in the top frequencies. If you put it in your

Additional Features

Titanium tweeter with trickle-down technology

This Reference speaker features a titanium tweeter with trickle-down technology, which is also found in Klipsch’s flagship Palladium Series. This feature helps produce a great-sounding speaker or sounds clear as if you are in the same studio where the recording artist is.

Dual rear-firing ports

The RF-7 II speakers have dual rear-firing ports, which provide extensive and exceptional bass performance, the Klipsch company said. And true enough, the RF-7 II tower speakers allow you to experience the true emotion, detail, and power of concert performances and other cinematic spectacles right from the comfort of your homes.


The Klipsch reference speakers are covered with a 5-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who is it best for?

The RF 7 II Klipsch Heritage series speakers are best for home theater enthusiasts, audiophiles, and music lovers who prefer dialogue and song vocals in middle ranges.

The Klipsch RF 7 II floorstanding speakers are a good option for them because of the speakers’ capacity for high frequencies and their adaptability as well. They don’t need to be placed on a table or stand and they can also cater to multiple speaker drivers, allowing for a high range of frequencies.

Best Alternative

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the Klipsch RF 7 II floorstanding speaker, then I would suggest you check the Klipsch RP-280F

The Klipsch RP-280F has a high popularity ranking from online consumers and is also a high-end speaker component. It produces music brilliantly and can fit into most rooms. However, I would not say that choosing the Klipsch RP-280F would be a cheaper upgrade.

Another option would be the Wharfedale Evo 4.4. This is a 3-way floor standing speaker with (2.83V @ 1M): 90dB sensitivity. It’s a good alternative to RF 7 II because it also has a fine build and finish and is packed with many great features.

Of course, just like the Klipsch, these speakers are also relatively big. They function properly and deliver transparency just like other speakers do. 

What Do People Say About it?

rf7ii floorstanding speaker


These speakers earned great reviews on Amazon, albeit there are still some who expressed their disappointment, such as in terms of delivery.

One Amazon customer-reviewed, “What I really like about the RF-7 II is the clear treble, the heavy and punchy bass, and above all else, the sound stage and presence. The sound is very immersive and all-encompassing.”

Another buyer agreed, saying “There is no other speaker such as this, with the incredible compression horn tweeter providing life-like immersive sound-making movies seem as good as an IMAX theater and music as good as a live concert. “

Some interesting comments from people who purchased these Dolby Atmos-ready floorstanders were that it has wife-friendly looks and it is capable of filling large rooms with concert or movie theater sound quality.


We saw a few great reviews about these speakers on YouTube. Among these reviews was Zero Fidelity. He said, “All it takes is one look at these things to know that they mean business. Man, these speakers are absolutely huge. They’re 48” height, 16” deep, and roughly 11” in width… These speakers are finished in walnut and I gotta say, they look fantastic.

In a nutshell, the RF 7 II [floorstanding speaker] ]has a very lively presentation and they do a great job of making it sound like there’s a live musical event taking place in your listening room.”

Meanwhile, Flores 828 said, “Some people don’t [find] these [ RF 7 II as] audiophile-quality speakers, I’m gonna agree. But growing up with my brother we always like to listen to music real loud and we always like to have that bass-heavy music and this is just exactly what I was looking for. 

A lot of people don’t like horn-loaded tweeters because they sound really bright, which means real loud. But what I like [about these RF 711 speakers] is that they are for party speakers.” 

Forums and other sites

We first bought speakers from a company… We almost went with another brand until we started asking around. A local specialist recommended Klipsch for their quality and range… Finally, we stopped by a local store that had them on display and we melted. Needless to say, we now have the RF7-II speakers at the studio.”

Another review reads, “Over $1,800 cheaper than all the competition. WOW! [I] cannot believe [the] sound difference and music quality [that] I have been missing for years.”

Bottom line: Should You Buy It?

rf7ii reference floorstanding speaker

If you think the size of the RF 7 II speakers (16.3 x 11.6 x 48.5 inches) is a good fit for your listening room or home theater, they are worth buying. In fact, they are a fantastic pair of speakers not just in terms of fit and finish, but the sound quality itself.

Just to let you know, though, that the tonal structure of the RF 7 II speaker is not really the most neutral compared to other high-end floorstanders. But it does deliver a natural sound with pounding bass at that. 

The RF II speaker is also now in its fifth generation, meaning they already have enhanced features compared to its predecessors released by the company. Moreover, it utilizes an 8-inch square Tractrix horn technology that makes a unique combination of effortless power, clarity, and precision.

With RF II speakers, we can say that big systems (large speakers) do have huge performance advantages compared to small speakers.

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