SVS Speakers vs Klipsch


Are you someone who is planning on building your own home theater or music studio? If yes, then choosing different types of speakers can be difficult since there’s a wide variety to choose from. Each ranging from different types, shapes, variations and serves different purposes. Aside from bookshelf speakers, in-wall, floor-standing speakers, and soundbars to … Read more SVS Speakers vs Klipsch

Bose vs Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speakers are one of those must-have devices for those who want to take their experience listening to music to the next level.  From its name, these portable speakers can easily be connected to your smartphones and tablets without the need for those messy wires. And just by Bluetooth pairing at any time and anywhere.  … Read more Bose vs Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers

Klipsch vs Polk Floor Standing Speakers


When you’re on the lookout for floor-standing speakers, there are crucial questions that you need to consider.  How much space do you have? Do you want the speaker to be a room-filling sound or just enough sonic performance? What are you using the speaker for? How will the speaker look when installed in your space? … Read more Klipsch vs Polk Floor Standing Speakers

Klipsch vs Definitive Technology Speakers


Are you an audio enthusiast who’s searching for the perfect sound in your home? If yes, then choosing the right speaker that will fit your space requirement, budget, and individual environment is really important. But we understand that it can be a challenge too, considering that there are plenty of options to choose from. There … Read more Klipsch vs Definitive Technology Speakers

Bose 151 SE Environmental Outdoor Speakers Review


If you have a stunning patio, a beautiful deck, and a nice backyard, then adding an outdoor speaker system can surely improve your space. It would be particularly fun if you enjoy a little bit of company or you just enjoy a warm sunny day while listening to music. An environmental outdoor speaker sets the … Read more Bose 151 SE Environmental Outdoor Speakers Review

Bose 161 Speakers Review


Having a dedicated space for music listening or home theater is an ultimate commitment for people who love music and entertainment. But this goal can be complex and expensive. Even if you’re finished lay-outing the listening room, there is still no assurance that the room will sound good. Choosing a high-end sound system is essential … Read more Bose 161 Speakers Review

9 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Dollars [2021]

Best computer speakers under 100 dollars

Are you planning to set up a new speaker system for your PC? This article will help you. Here I have compiled best computer speakers under 100 dollars. You want to buy best computer speakers for under 100 that can be used for listening to music, watching movies, and playing games, right? The chances are … Read more 9 Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Dollars [2021]