Bose 201 vs 301


Are you planning to put together a home theater system? If yes, then you know that there are a few components that you need. This includes a TV, a stereo receiver, a projector, and speakers. You can either choose a floor-standing speaker that sits directly on the ground or a bookshelf speaker like Bose 201 … Read more

Bose 161 Speakers Review


Having a dedicated space for music listening or home theater is an ultimate commitment for people who love music and entertainment. But this goal can be complex and expensive. Even if you’re finished lay-outing the listening room, there is still no assurance that the room will sound good. Choosing a high-end sound system is essential … Read more

11 Different Types of Speakers [EXPLAINED]

types of speakers

Before buying a speaker, it’s good to have an idea about various speaker types out there in the market. This post talks about the different types of speakers. There are different audio equipment like earphones, headphones, speakers, etc. When it comes to listening to music, watching movies, and playing games, the speaker is on the … Read more

10 Best Speakers For Audio Technica Record Player (2021)

Best speakers for audio technica record player

Are you finding the best speakers for Audio Technica record player? Yes? I’m sure this article will help you. Here we have shared a detailed buying guide and the list of best speakers. Audio Technica is a Japanese company involved in the manufacturing and designing of turntables, microphones, headphones, and phonograph cartridges. When it comes … Read more

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52 | Floor-Standing Speakers

Polk Audio T50 Vs Pioneer SP-FS52

Are you confused between Polk Audio T50 vs Pioneer SP-FS52 floor standing speakers? To help you find the right speaker, here we have compared different aspects of both speakers. If you are planning to buy a new floor-standing speaker, you have so many options available. Before buying, these are the factors you need to consider: … Read more

Edifier R1700BT Vs Edifier R1280DB – Which is Better? [2021]

Edifier R1700BT vs Edifier R1280DB

Are you confused between Edifier R1700BT and Edifier R1280DB? To help you select the right speaker system, we will talk about various aspects of both models. Among different bookshelf speaker models by Edifier, R1700BT and R1280DB are the top ones. If you are confused about which speaker system you should between these two, this post … Read more

5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars (2021)

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Dollars

Want to enjoy quality music experience with a floor-standing speaker? The buying guide and the list of 5 best floor standing speakers under 500 dollars will help you. Do you enjoy listening to songs at high volume? Yes? You need a floor-standing speaker. Floor standing or tower speakers play an essential role in home audio … Read more