11 Different Types of Speakers [EXPLAINED]

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Before buying a speaker, it’s good to have an idea about various speaker types out there in the market. This post talks about the different types of speakers.

types of speakers

There are different audio equipment like earphones, headphones, speakers, etc. When it comes to listening to music, watching movies, and playing games, the speaker is on the go audio equipment.

A speaker is an audio gadget that is available in different types. This is the major advantage because it makes it easier for users to find the right speakers as per their specific needs.

They are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, features, and price ranges. Each speaker type is built for different usage. For example, floor-standing speakers can be great for creating a home theater system and for enjoying a louder music experience.

Different Types of Speakers

Here’s the list of various types of speakers:

1. Loudspeakers

This is the common household speaker. Loudspeakers convert electrical signals into sound waves. Instruments & devices like radios, televisions, portable audio players, computers, and electrical musical instruments have smaller loudspeakers. The sound efficiency of loudspeakers is mainly based on how they are used in the unit.

2. Subwoofer


The important function of a subwoofer is to produce lower frequencies – 20Hz – 200Hz. If you are fond of bass, you should consider getting a high-quality subwoofer. In the 2.1 speaker system, .1 is the subwoofer. The 2.1 speaker system comes with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Getting a subwoofer is important because a satellite speaker system cannot deliver bass sound on its own.

3. Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers aren’t designed just for the bookshelf. You can keep them on a table, shelf, or any other elevated surfaces. This speaker type is perfect for small or medium rooms. This speaker type will need an amplifier or receiver to play. Bookshelf speakers can be great when you don’t have much space in your room to keep large speakers like floor standing speakers.

4. Floorstanding speakers

Floorstanding speakers

Floorstanding speakers or tower speakers are often compared with bookshelf speakers, though both are different in terms of size, pricing, etc. factors. As the name suggests, floor standing speakers are built to sit on the floor. This speaker type is the best when you have a larger room and want to enjoy louder music. Due to the large size, floor-standing speakers may not be good for smaller rooms.

5. Ceiling speakers

Ceiling speakers

If you want to add a long-lasting audio system in your room, consider adding ceiling speakers. Because this speaker type is installed for the long-term, it is advisable to invest in great quality speakers. In the case of other speaker types like floor standing, bookshelf, etc., they require some space. Talking about ceiling speakers, they are installed on the room’s ceiling, so you can keep your room clean and still enjoy the music. The important thing in this speaker type is installation. They are required to be installed by an expert or professional.

6. On-wall speakers

If ceiling speakers doesn’t seem your type, on-wall speakers can be a good choice. On-wall speakers avoid the hassle of putting big holes in the ceiling or walls. The installation of in-wall speakers is way easier than ceiling speakers. Just find the right place on your wall and mount them.

7. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes, designs, and price ranges. With a Bluetooth speaker, you do not have to mess with the wiring. You just need to pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the speaker. Before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, the crucial thing to keep in mind is battery backup. The speaker with more battery backup will allow you to listen to your favorite music without any hassle.

8. Outdoor speakers

Do you want to enjoy music when traveling or gyming? If so, you need to buy an outdoor speaker. This type of speaker is built especially for various activities like exercising, riding, hiking, cycling, etc. They are designed to weatherproof and dustproof so that you can enjoy music even when you are outdoors.

9. Soundbars

Soundbar with television

Soundbars are slim and long. They have multiple individual speakers placed side by side. If you want to buy a speaker to connect with your TV, a soundbar could be the right choice. You can mount the soundbar on the wall or place it on the TV stand.

10. Computer speakers

Computer speakers

With a quality computer speaker, you can listen to songs, watch movies, and play games on your PC. This speaker type is designed to connect especially with computers.

11. Satellite speakers

Satellite speakers are built for creating surround sound. In a home theater, satellite speakers play a significant role in producing surround sound. These speakers are small in size and are placed behind the listening area. Speaker systems are of different types – 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 5.2, 7.2, etc. In a 5.1 speaker system, .1 refers to one subwoofer and 5 refers to five satellite speakers.


As speakers are of different types, finding the right speaker based on your purpose or usage gets easier. Among different types, you need to select the one that is best for your usage, budget, and essential features. For example, if you want a larger sound speaker for your large room, floor standing speakers are the right choice.

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